A. Gonzalez1BLADStarting IF
M. Trumbo1B/LFARIBenched
I. Kinsler2BDETStarting IF
R. Cano2BSEAStarting IF
J. Kipnis2BCLEStarting UTIL
A. Beltre3B/DHTEXBenched
N. CruzLF/RF..SEABenched
C. CrispCF/DHOAKBenched
G. StantonRFMIAStarting OF
R. BraunRFMILStarting OF
A. RiosRF/DHKCStarting OF
J. ShieldsSPKCStarting P
J. VerlanderSPDETStarting P
T. LincecumSPSFStarting P
Z. GreinkeSPLADBenched
H. IwakumaSPSEABenched
G. HollandRPKCBenched

J. Mauer1B/DHMINBenched
B. Lawrie2B/3BOAKStarting IF
C. Utley2BPHIBenched
J. SeguraSSMILStarting IF
C. Headley3BNYYStarting IF
J. Donaldson3BTORStarting UTIL
S. MarteLF/CFPITStarting OF
S. ChooLF/RF..TEXStarting OF
A. JonesCFBALStarting OF
M. TanakaSPNYYStarting P
D. SalazarSPCLEStarting P
T. CingraniSPCINStarting P
S. GraySPOAKBenched
J. SamardzijaSPCWSBenched
Z. WheelerSPNYMBenched
M. EstradaPTORBenched
T. RosenthalRPSTLStarting P

Alabama Boys

J. LucroyC/1BMILStarting IF
Y. MolinaCSTLBenched
M. Cabrera1B/3B..DETStarting IF
J. Abreu1B/DHCWSStarting UTIL
A. Pujols1B/DHLAABenched
J. Morneau1BCOLBenched
J. Altuve2BHOUStarting IF
T. TulowitzkiSSCOLBenched
C. BlackmonOFCOLStarting OF
J. UptonLFATLStarting OF
M. BrantleyLF/CFCLEBenched
D. JenningsCFTBStarting OF
J. CuetoSPCINStarting P
C. KershawSPLADStarting P
M. BumgarnerSPSFStarting P
Y. DarvishSPTEXStarting P
C. KluberSPCLEBenched

J. Loney1BTBStarting IF
B. Moss1B/LF..CLEStarting IF
R. Howard1BPHIStarting UTIL
E. Hosmer1BKCBenched
D. Gordon2BMIAStarting IF
D. Wright3BNYMBenched
Y. CespedesLF/DHDETStarting OF
M. HollidayLFSTLBenched
C. GomezCFMILStarting OF
H. PenceRFSFStarting OF
F. HernandezSPSEAStarting P
M. ScherzerSPDETStarting P
A. WainwrightSPSTLStarting P
S. KazmirSPOAKBenched
H. RyuSPLADBenched
A. SanchezSPDETBenched
C. KimbrelRPATLStarting P

E. GattisCATLBenched
J. Bautista1B/CF..TORStarting OF
F. Freeman1BATLBenched
E. Encarnacion1B/DHTORBenched
D. Pedroia2BBOSStarting IF
H. RamirezSSBOSStarting UTIL
R. Zimmerman3B/LFWASStarting IF
M. KempOFSDStarting OF
Y. PuigCF/RFLADStarting OF
A. JacksonCFSEABenched
J. WerthRFWASBenched
A. CobbSPTBStarting P
G. GonzalezSPWASStarting P
R. HalladaySPPHIStarting P
M. MinorSPATLBenched
J. PapelbonRPPHIStarting P
S. RomoRPSFBenched

J. Votto1BCINStarting IF
B. Zobrist2B/SS..TBStarting IF
M. Prado2B/3BMIAStarting OF
J. ReyesSSTORStarting IF
P. Alvarez3BPITStarting UTIL
M. Dominguez3BHOUBenched
M. Moustakas3BKCBenched
D. BrownLFPHIStarting OF
B. HarperLF/RFWASStarting OF
B. UptonCFATLBenched
J. TeheranSPATLStarting P
F. LirianoSPPITStarting P
G. ColeSPPITStarting P
R. DickeySPTORBenched
C. ArcherSPTBBenched
U. JimenezSPBALBenched
K. JansenRPLADStarting P

B. PoseyC/1BSFStarting IF
A. Rizzo1BCHCStarting IF
P. Fielder1BTEXStarting IF
M. Cuddyer1B/RFNYMStarting OF
C. Davis1B/3BBALStarting UTIL
B. Phillips2BCINBenched
E. Longoria3BTBBenched
C. GrandersonOFNYMStarting OF
M. TroutCFLAAStarting OF
B. HamiltonCFCINBenched
J. BruceRFCINBenched
S. StrasburgSPWASStarting P
J. LesterSPCHCStarting P
C. LeeSPPHIStarting P
J. FernandezSPMIAStarting P
M. WachaSPSTLBenched
J. JohnsonRPATLBenched

N. Swisher1B/DHCLEBenched
I. DesmondSSWASStarting IF
K. Seager3BSEAStarting IF
M. Machado3BBALStarting IF
N. Arenado3BCOLBenched
J. HamiltonLF/DHLAAStarting OF
A. McCutchenCFPITStarting OF
J. EllsburyCFNYYStarting UTIL
J. HeywardRFSTLBenched
S. VictorinoRFBOSBenched
C. HamelsSPPHIStarting P
D. PriceSPDETBenched
C. SaleSPCWSBenched
J. WeaverSPLAABenched
M. LatosSPMIABenched
M. MooreSPTBBenched
J. NathanRPDETBenched