7 Hrs Added Yovani Gallardo SP MIL
7 Hrs Cut Bud Norris SP BAL
7 Hrs Added Marcus Stroman SP TOR
7 Hrs Cut J. A. Happ SP TOR
7 Hrs Added Francisco Liriano SP PIT
7 Hrs Cut Roberto Hernandez P PHI
7 Hrs Added Bartolo Colon SP NYM
7 Hrs Cut Danny Salazar SP CLE
13 Hrs placed Ryan Zimmerman 3B/LF WAS on the DL.
13 Hrs Added Chase Anderson SP ARI
13 Hrs Cut Josh Tomlin P CLE
2 Days activated Jon Niese SP NYM from the DL.
2 Days Cut Wily Peralta SP MIL
2 Days activated Collin McHugh SP HOU from the DL.
2 Days Cut Bartolo Colon SP NYM
2 Days Added Josh Beckett SP LAD