Cubs300321016 16191
Red Sox001220013 9160
Final  J. Ruggiano 12, D. Barney 12, M. Olt 11
Top 1 Justin Ruggiano 2-Run Home Run, Chris Coghlan scores, pitcher Brandon Workman2-0
Top 1 Starlin Castro 1-Run Single, Anthony Rizzo scores, pitcher Brandon Workman3-0
Bot 3 Jonny Gomes 1-Run Out Justin Ruggiano, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Travis Wood3-1
Top 4 Mike Olt 2-Run Home Run, Welington Castillo scores, pitcher Brandon Workman5-1
Top 4 Chris Coghlan 1-Run Out Jonny Gomes, Darwin Barney scores, pitcher Brandon Workman6-1
Bot 4 David Ortiz 1-Run Out Justin Ruggiano, Brock Holt to 3rd, Jonathan Herrera scores, pitcher Travis Wood6-2
Bot 4 Jonny Gomes 1-Run Single, Mike Napoli to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Brock Holt scores, pitcher Travis Wood6-3
Top 5 Welington Castillo 2-Run Home Run, Luis Valbuena scores, pitcher Felix Doubront8-3
Bot 5 Mookie Betts 2-Run Home Run, A.J. Pierzynski scores, pitcher Carlos Villanueva8-5
Top 6 Justin Ruggiano 1-Run Single, Darwin Barney to 3rd, Mike Olt scores, pitcher Burke Badenhop9-5
Top 8 Nate Schierholtz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Edward Mujica10-5
Bot 8 Mike Napoli 1-Run Single, David Ortiz scores, pitcher Brian Schlitter10-6
Top 9 Luis Valbuena 1-Run Double, Starlin Castro to 3rd, Anthony Rizzo scores, pitcher Craig Breslow11-6
Top 9 Nate Schierholtz 1-Run Single, Luis Valbuena to 3rd, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Craig Breslow12-6
Top 9 Darwin Barney 1-Run Single, Nate Schierholtz to 2nd, Luis Valbuena scores, pitcher Junichi Tazawa13-6
Top 9 Chris Coghlan 1-Run Double, Darwin Barney to 3rd, Nate Schierholtz scores, pitcher Junichi Tazawa14-6
Top 9 Justin Ruggiano 2-Run Double, Chris Coghlan scores, Darwin Barney scores, pitcher Junichi Tazawa16-6
Bot 9 Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Double, Brock Holt to 3rd, Mookie Betts scores, pitcher Justin Grimm16-7
Bot 9 Daniel Nava 2-Run Single, Dustin Pedroia scores, Brock Holt scores, pitcher Justin Grimm16-9

 Cubs Hitting

PlayerStats Wed 7/2Fantasy
Justin Ruggiano CF3-611500212
Darwin Barney 2B4-502100012
Mike Olt 3B2-512200111
Nate Schierholtz RF2-512200110
Welington Castillo C1-41220129
Anthony Rizzo 1B2-50201109
Chris Coghlan LF1-30220118
Luis Valbuena DH2-50210017
Starlin Castro SS2-50111016

 Cubs Pitching

Carlos Villanueva RP (W)221009.001.509
Brian Schlitter RP120000.001.004
James Russell RP1.110016.751.501
Travis Wood SP3.230007.363.00-3
Justin Grimm RP1200027.004.00-5

 Red Sox Hitting

Dustin Pedroia 2B3-502101010
Mookie Betts CF2-512200110
David Ortiz DH2-40110007
Mike Napoli 1B2-40010215
Brock Holt RF3-60200025
Daniel Nava 1B/LF/RF1-10020003
Jonny Gomes LF1-50020012
Jonathan Herrera SS1-40100012
A.J. Pierzynski C1-40100122
Xander Bogaerts 3B0-4000012-1

 Red Sox Pitching

Burke Badenhop RP1.210000.000.605
Edward Mujica RP120009.002.001
Felix Doubront RP1.1200020.253.00-4
Junichi Tazawa RP0.1000054.009.00-6
Brandon Workman SP (L)4300013.502.00-8
Craig Breslow RP0.2100054.006.00-9