fleafounder Admin 6 years ago

Click on the Playoffs subtab of the League tab during your final regular season week for a detailed breakdown of possible playoff scenarios.

You'll see your odds of making the playoffs, winning the division, and earning a 1st round bye.

You'll also see what needs to happen for those outcomes by mousing-over the % value.

How is this calculated?

By simulating every conceivable win-loss outcome for your league's final regular season week.

Please note that this analysis doesn't account for changes in total points tiebreakers (so if you hold a slim lead in Total Points Scored and your league relies on that tiebreaker, this analysis assumes you'll continue to hold that lead after next week).

So it might say that you've been eliminated when you still have a shot at overtaking another team in total points scored.

How is this different from the clinching symbols on the standings page?

The clinch symbols on the standings page use a very simple analysis relying on current win-loss and number of games remaining. They do not factor future schedules into account. The playoffs page will have more accurate results.

afdnasty 3 years ago


Gilmeister 5 years ago

I don't believe my league's tiebreakers are working correctly. Our tiebreakers are 1) Head-to-head and 2) Total points. I am tied with 2 other teams at 6-7. I am 2-0 against the guy with more points and 1-1 against the guy with less points, so I should be ahead of both of them. Yet, the guy with more points is shown ahead of me (in the playoffs if they started today) even though I swept him. Can this be corrected?

FFCSR_Doug 5 years ago

Head-to-head tiebreakers are only applied when exactly two have the same record. When it is more than 2 it is skipped. We will be updating the wording to make this less confusing.

n0nau 5 years ago

I'm in 2 leagues and I only see the playoff scenario in one of them, the other league still doesn't have the column for playoffs. (Playoffs??!?! I just hope we can win a game. Playoffs?)

n0nau 5 years ago

I see the playoffs now.


QQ regarding the denotations of the mean League page. In the link above, the East Division, why does "Pats Rule" not have a Clinched Division already? There's no way either teams in the division can come back, additionally their odds are 0 on the playoff page.

afdnasty 5 years ago


Mouse over the bye chances for some teams. Doesn't work.

fleafounder Admin 5 years ago

There are no mouse-overs for 100% and 0%--no explanation is needed. 100% means you clinched, 0% means you're definitely out.

afdnasty 5 years ago

No, for 12 percent.

Sidney1965 5 years ago

Sometimes the scenario's are blank and sometimes it has teams listed but doesn't say whether they need to win or lose. Great idea but I don't think it is working 100% correctly...

fleafounder Admin 5 years ago

Can you post links to leagues where it isn't working?

It always lists the results you need in the form of "needs abc, xyz WINS and ... OR ...) so it never says you need a loss.

Sidney1965 5 years ago

Let's try this one for an example... fleaflicker.com. Hover over team 7's 25.

Sidney1965 5 years ago

Or this one... fleaflicker.com. Click on teams 5 and 6's 62's...

Sidney1965 5 years ago

And try this one... fleaflicker.com. Click on team 11's 3. This one doesn't complete the scenerio...

Sidney1965 5 years ago

And in this league, it says I clinched a 1st round bye but my team isn't flagged with the 1st round bye z symbol? fleaflicker.com

Volt 5 years ago

It is nice to have an explanation now for those who didn't want to take the time to look at all the tiebreaker rules and such.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work 100% of the time. I am in a league where there is a 4 way tie for the last spot and it simply says [None] in the tiebreaker explanation. It does have the odds of getting that last spot (plus a possibility that the 5th place guy could drop out of the playoffs as well), but no explanation as to why the rankings are the way they are. Maybe this is an issue where there are just too many possibilities to list in the space provided.

afdnasty 5 years ago

Yeah, I saw this, too. There is a scramble for for the last playoff spots in my league, and it would nice to see the scenarios.

fleafounder Admin 5 years ago

Can you post links please?

As it says on the mouse-over, this analysis doesn't account for PF/PA tiebreakers.

VinceB128 5 years ago

I LOVE this idea. I really do. However, it seems like some of the scenarios include inaccurate information or are extraneous. I'm sure you'll get it all worked out as we go.

Love this update.

afdnasty 5 years ago

But sometimes when I mouse over some odds for the playoffs, it is blank.