FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

Hey Everyone,  

Here is your weekly update for the week.  


Nothing major has been implemented. 


On the horizon 


Transfer of past box scores for former AOL members 


Upgrades to the help page 


Hopefully we will have more for you in the weeks to come.

toolman_2000 8 years ago

Are you still working on the missing FA player issue? I see JT O'Sullivan has been added. Are you doing it piece-meal or will you at some point just add all NFL players?

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

All players are listed. We only project points for the top players so you may not see every player from the page you are viewing. Search by year 2007 or the name.

toolman_2000 8 years ago

Yep. I just discovered that this morning. How much coding would it take to show all the players when sorting by points even if there aren't any projected?

fozzie33 8 years ago

Can you fix the edit-schedule feature, it isn't working

InSpades 9 years ago

When do you expect to have the IR revamped to include any player regardless if injury status? Will that happen before the season begins or in the first few weeks? 



FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

We are looking to add that shortly. Within the next week or two is likely.

rlbryce36 9 years ago

IS THAT WHEN WE'LL BEABLE TO START PUTING PLAYERS ON IR i see there is no spot forthat yet...

bkardane11 9 years ago

You can put people on IR. If you have someone who is Out or IR by the NFL when you click the dropdown menu for that player IR will be there. I have done it a few times already and its fully functional

scotto1959 9 years ago

Got to agree with the guru! IR and out are the only players that should be placed here!! Favre cut his finger on his non- throwing hand slicing a tomato last year, hardly qualifies for IR when he's listed as probable???? You think???

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

If the IR is going to be used as a short cut to an extra roster spot than in the leagues I am the Commissioner of, I would just go and remove all IR slots and not have that as an option at all.

[Deleted User] 9 years ago

"regardless if injury status" 


So your wanting to be able to add healthy players to the IR list? The IR list should be only for those players listed as out by the NFL in my opinion...

scotto1959 9 years ago


bkardane11 9 years ago

theyre pretty much asking for a shortcut to a practice squad.

scotto1959 9 years ago

would have been great last year with AJ, Peterson, and all the others, too many to mention. The IR is to save your players and pick-up free agents, if you want more roster spots just make them?