MitchtheCommish 3 years ago

Every year I have to deal with someone being salty about not making the playoffs and they dump all their players. Can I freeze a teams lineup at all? It would be so awesome if I could lock the teams who are out of contention.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Unfortunately we don't do that, but you can always reverse their transactions at commish options>edit rosters

MitchtheCommish 2 years ago

Ya, I went through that process after and banned the owner. Now his players are stranded on a team with no owner.

TradeVonMartin 2 years ago

when i delete an owner i think its pretty fair to drop all his players and let everyone place waivers.

a way to avoid lame ass owners like that is by making them pay to play.

MitchtheCommish 2 years ago

We did pay. Quite a bit too. I don't like to let outsiders in my league so I have a higher buy in and don't even like letting friends of friends in. So this is why I banned the guy and locked his team. I said flat out at the beginning of the season - if anyone pulls that in my league I will ban them and never invite them back. I don't believe in the waiver system. It's always been first come first serve for as long as I have been playing fantasy (for about 10 years).

TradeVonMartin 2 years ago

I think your owners actions are a reflection of the level of commishing in the league. Get your league in order. A 10 year vet shouldn't be having these issues. You're welcome.

MitchtheCommish 2 years ago

It's almost impossible to find 10 people who aren't newbies and are willing to fork up the cash for fantasy football these days. I have a core of about 7 guys and like to fill at least more spots. My requirements are: Live locally, pay up front, attend the draft in person, don't let a team go idle and actually know how to play fantasy football. I can't help it if a person decides to go kamikaze and release their whole team trying to flip the league upside down.

Now, I have only been running my own league for four years and this is the only thing that has happened two years in a row. Which isn't too bad considering all the things I have dealt with in other owners leagues. As long as I have played every league I have been, usually I'm in two, there is always one joker sometimes two.

In previous leagues I've seen things, from guys working together on bye weeks by trading players so they didn't have to drop them, to owners running their friends teams, actual commissioners letting their girlfriends draft a team, seeing teams just get injured and lay idle which helps gives teams in that division a better record, also the terrible trading injured players for studs.

Those are just a few reasons I decided to create my own league. Aside from the commissioner curse of having been eliminated in the first round my first four years. The only hiccup was eliminated teams going kamikaze. I'd like to think I'm doing a pretty good job. The thing that sucks the most was this was a GOOD friend who knew it would make me mad and did it mainly to mess with me saying it would make things more fun.

TradeVonMartin 2 years ago

Stiff restrictions. They're the reason you're having trouble filling your league with vets.