Beiber Fever

1.6 (6th overall)Kate Middleton GOSSIP
2.9 (23rd overall)Pink MUSIC..
3.6 (34th overall)Kourtney Kardashian REALI..
4.9 (51st overall)Emma Watson ACTOR
5.6 (62nd overall)Robert Pattinson ACTOR
6.9 (79th overall)Tyra Banks MODEL
7.6 (90th overall)Rachael Ray TV
8.9 (107th overall)Selena Gomez ACTOR
9.6 (118th overall)Suri Cruise GOSSIP
10.9 (135th overall)Shia LaBeouf ACTOR
11.6 (146th overall)Drew Barrymore ACTOR
12.9 (163rd overall)Lea Michele ACTOR
13.6 (174th overall)Shiloh Jolie Pitt GOSSIP
14.9 (191st overall)Nick Lachey MUSIC..
15.6 (202nd overall)Kristen Stewart ACTOR

The Tilted Kilts

1.4 (4th overall)Levi Johnston GOSSIP
2.11 (25th overall)Jennifer Aniston ACTOR
3.4 (32nd overall)Sandra Bullock ACTOR
4.11 (53rd overall)Elisabetta Canalis ACTOR..
5.4 (60th overall)Scarlett Johansson ACTOR
6.11 (81st overall)Justin Timberlake MUSIC..
7.4 (88th overall)Heidi Montag REALITY
8.11 (109th overall)Jay Leno ACTOR..
9.4 (116th overall)Tom Cruise ACTOR
10.11 (137th overall)Kirstie Alley ACTOR
11.4 (144th overall)Chad Ocho Cinco REALI..
12.11 (165th overall)Kathy Griffin ACTOR
13.4 (172nd overall)Erin Andrews TV
14.11 (193rd overall)Eminem MUSIC..
15.4 (200th overall)Paris Latsis SOCIA..

the pepperoni prophet

1.8 (8th overall)Natalie Portman ACTOR
2.7 (21st overall)Victoria Beckham MUSIC..
3.8 (36th overall)Hugh Hefner BIZ
4.7 (49th overall)Lamar Odom REALI..
5.8 (64th overall)Rachel Zoe MODEL
6.7 (77th overall)Holly Madison REALI..
7.8 (92nd overall)Olivia Wilde ACTOR
8.7 (105th overall)Regis Philbin TV
9.8 (120th overall)Eva Longoria ACTOR
10.7 (133rd overall)Pete Wentz MUSIC..
11.8 (148th overall)Sean Penn ACTOR
12.7 (161st overall)Nicole Kidman ACTOR
13.8 (176th overall)Dina Lohan REALI..
14.7 (189th overall)Joe Jonas MUSIC..
15.8 (204th overall)Matthew Morrison ACTOR

How you doin?

1.1 (1st overall)Charlie Sheen ACTOR
2.14 (28th overall)Miley Cyrus ACTOR
3.1 (29th overall)Ryan Seacrest TV
4.14 (56th overall)Denise Richards ACTOR
5.1 (57th overall)Ashlee Simpson MUSIC..
6.14 (84th overall)Michael Lohan REALI..
7.1 (85th overall)Cameron Diaz ACTOR
8.14 (112th overall)Katie Holmes ACTOR
9.1 (113th overall)Ivanka Trump MODEL..
10.14 (140th overall)Meredith Vieira TV
11.1 (141st overall)Kate Moss MODEL
12.14 (168th overall)Brooke Burke TV/MO..
13.1 (169th overall)Terrell Owens REALI..
14.14 (196th overall)Barron Hilton SOCIA..
15.1 (197th overall)Whoopi Goldberg ACTOR

Team Ridiculous

1.12 (12th overall)Nicole Polizzi REALITY
2.3 (17th overall)Justin Bieber MUSIC..
3.12 (40th overall)Pauly DelVecchio REALITY
4.3 (45th overall)Chris Brown MUSIC..
5.12 (68th overall)Zac Efron ACTOR
6.3 (73rd overall)LeAnn Rimes MUSIC..
7.12 (96th overall)Barbara Walters TV
8.3 (101st overall)Justin Gaston ACTOR..
9.12 (124th overall)Nicky Hilton SOCIA..
10.3 (129th overall)Bam Margera REALI..
11.12 (152nd overall)John Krasinski ACTOR
12.3 (157th overall)Anderson Cooper TV
13.12 (180th overall)Martha Stewart TV/BIZ
14.3 (185th overall)Rod Stewart MUSIC..
15.12 (208th overall)Jason Schwartzman ACTOR

Coke Dealla

1.11 (11th overall)Nick Cannon ACTOR
2.4 (18th overall)Tina Fey ACTOR
3.11 (39th overall)Khloe Kardashian REALI..
4.4 (46th overall)Rihanna MUSIC..
5.11 (67th overall)Jimmy Kimmel ACTOR..
6.4 (74th overall)Gabriel Aubry MODEL
7.11 (95th overall)Alex Rodriguez ATHLETE
8.4 (102nd overall)Chelsea Handler ACTOR
9.11 (123rd overall)Mike Sorrentino REALITY
10.4 (130th overall)Amy Winehouse MUSIC..
11.11 (151st overall)Betty White ACTOR
12.4 (158th overall)Demi Lovato ACTOR
13.11 (179th overall)Ryan Reynolds ACTOR
14.4 (186th overall)Prince MUSIC..
15.11 (207th overall)Snoop Dogg MUSIC..

lovemesome brangelina

1.7 (7th overall)Brad Pitt ACTOR
2.8 (22nd overall)Kim Kardashian REALI..
3.7 (35th overall)Paris Hilton REALI..
4.8 (50th overall)Jennifer Lopez MUSIC..
5.7 (63rd overall)Penelope Cruz ACTOR
6.8 (78th overall)Gisele Bundchen MODEL
7.7 (91st overall)Star Jones TV
8.8 (106th overall)Johnny Depp ACTOR
9.7 (119th overall)Zach Galifianakis ACTOR
10.8 (134th overall)Will Ferrell ACTOR
11.7 (147th overall)Bret Michaels MUSIC..
12.8 (162nd overall)Jon Stewart TV
13.7 (175th overall)Flava Flav REALI..
14.8 (190th overall)Lance Armstrong ATHLETE
15.7 (203rd overall)Will Smith ACTOR


1.3 (3rd overall)Angelina Jolie ACTOR
2.12 (26th overall)Carrie Underwood MUSIC..
3.3 (31st overall)Jessica Simpson MUSIC..
4.12 (54th overall)George Clooney ACTOR
5.3 (59th overall)Megan Fox ACTOR
6.12 (82nd overall)Randy Jackson REALI..
7.3 (87th overall)Simon Cowell TV
8.12 (110th overall)Naomi Campbell MODEL
9.3 (115th overall)OJ Simpson ATHLETE
10.12 (138th overall)Fabian Basabe SOCIA..
11.3 (143rd overall)Ashton Kutcher ACTOR
12.12 (166th overall)Vanessa Minnillo ACTOR..
13.3 (171st overall)Kara DioGuardi MUSIC..
14.12 (194th overall)Ali Larter ACTOR
15.3 (199th overall)Leonardo DiCaprio ACTOR

Real House Husbands of Meadville

1.10 (10th overall)Mariah Carey MUSIC..
2.5 (19th overall)Prince William GOSSIP
3.10 (38th overall)Kanye West MUSIC..
4.5 (47th overall)Emma Bunton MUSIC..
5.10 (66th overall)Halle Berry ACTOR
6.5 (75th overall)Joey McIntyre MUSIC..
7.10 (94th overall)James Franco ACTOR
8.5 (103rd overall)Elton John MUSIC..
9.10 (122nd overall)Lil Wayne MUSIC..
10.5 (131st overall)Bradley Cooper ACTOR
11.10 (150th overall)Matthew McConaughey ACTOR
12.5 (159th overall)R Kelly MUSIC..
13.10 (178th overall)Kevin Federline REALI..
14.5 (187th overall)Camila Alves MODEL
15.10 (206th overall)Courtney Love MUSIC..


1.5 (5th overall)Oksana Grigorieva MODEL
2.10 (24th overall)Katy Perry MUSIC..
3.5 (33rd overall)Ellen DeGeneres ACTOR
4.10 (52nd overall)Oprah Winfrey ACTOR..
5.5 (61st overall)David Letterman TV
6.10 (80th overall)Nicole Richie REALI..
7.5 (89th overall)Kelsey Grammer ACTOR
8.10 (108th overall)Anne Hathaway ACTOR
9.5 (117th overall)Tony Parker ATHLETE
10.10 (136th overall)Jay Z MUSIC..
11.5 (145th overall)Morgan Freeman ACTOR
12.10 (164th overall)Julia Roberts ACTOR
13.5 (173rd overall)Beyonce Knowles MUSIC..
14.10 (192nd overall)Owen Wilson ACTOR
15.5 (201st overall)Madonna MUSIC..

Tigers Blooooood

1.9 (9th overall)Lindsay Lohan ACTOR
2.6 (20th overall)Tiger Woods ATHLETE
3.9 (37th overall)Kendra Wilkinson REALITY
4.6 (48th overall)Donald Trump REALI..
5.9 (65th overall)Christina Aguilera MUSIC..
6.6 (76th overall)Kate Hudson ACTOR
7.9 (93rd overall)Heidi Klum MODEL
8.6 (104th overall)Matt Lauer TV
9.9 (121st overall)Courteney Cox ACTOR
10.6 (132nd overall)Steven Tyler MUSIC..
11.9 (149th overall)Gwyneth Paltrow ACTOR
12.6 (160th overall)Ashley Judd ACTOR
13.9 (177th overall)Taylor Lautner ACTOR
14.6 (188th overall)Ryan Phillippe ACTOR
15.9 (205th overall)Steve Carell ACTOR

Touched by a Priest

1.2 (2nd overall)Mel Gibson ACTOR
2.13 (27th overall)Miranda Kerr MODEL
3.2 (30th overall)Taylor Swift MUSIC..
4.13 (55th overall)Reese Witherspoon ACTOR
5.2 (58th overall)Brooke Mueller GOSSIP
6.13 (83rd overall)Vanessa Hudgens ACTOR..
7.2 (86th overall)David Beckham ATHLETE
8.13 (111th overall)Paula Abdul MUSIC..
9.2 (114th overall)Kelly Osbourne REALI..
10.13 (139th overall)Elisabeth Hasselbeck REALI..
11.2 (142nd overall)Brandon Davis SOCIA..
12.13 (167th overall)Phil McGraw TV
13.2 (170th overall)Ron Jeremy ACTOR
14.13 (195th overall)Billy Ray Cyrus MUSIC..
15.2 (198th overall)Jake Gyllenhaal ACTOR


1.13 (13th overall)Lady Gaga MUSIC..
2.2 (16th overall)Britney Spears MUSIC..
3.13 (41st overall)Russell Brand ACTOR
4.2 (44th overall)Kate Gosselin REALITY
5.13 (69th overall)Tom Brady ATHLETE
6.2 (72nd overall)Prince Harry GOSSIP
7.13 (97th overall)Jenny McCarthy MODEL
8.2 (100th overall)Katie Couric TV
9.13 (125th overall)Candy Spelling SOCIA..
10.2 (128th overall)David Hasselhoff ACTOR
11.13 (153rd overall)Demi Moore ACTOR
12.2 (156th overall)Howard Stern ACTOR..
13.13 (181st overall)Renee Zellweger ACTOR
14.2 (184th overall)Amanda Seyfried ACTOR
15.13 (209th overall)Alyssa Milano ACTOR

8 Ball Express

1.14 (14th overall)Alicia Keys MUSIC..
2.1 (15th overall)Orlando Bloom ACTOR
3.14 (42nd overall)Javier Bardem ACTOR
4.1 (43rd overall)Queen Latifah MUSIC..
5.14 (70th overall)Jesse James REALITY
6.1 (71st overall)Larry King TV
7.14 (98th overall)Eddie Cibrian ACTOR
8.1 (99th overall)Hulk Hogan REALI..
9.14 (126th overall)Anna Nicole Smith MODEL
10.1 (127th overall)Cisco Adler MUSIC..
11.14 (154th overall)Stephen Colbert ACTOR..
12.1 (155th overall)Joan Rivers ACTOR..
13.14 (182nd overall)Avril Lavigne MUSIC..
14.1 (183rd overall)Alanis Morissette MUSIC..
15.14 (210th overall)Brittany Murphy ACTOR