9 Months Added Jay Z MUSIC..
9 Months Cut Abigail Breslin ACTOR
9 Months Added Demi Lovato ACTOR
9 Months Cut Scarlett Johansson ACTOR
10 Months Added Josh Brolin ACTOR
10 Months Cut Will Smith ACTOR
10 Months Added Kate Middleton GOSSIP
10 Months Cut Selena Gomez ACTOR
10 Months Added Amanda Bynes ACTOR
10 Months Cut John Mayer MUSIC..
10 Months Added Abigail Breslin ACTOR
10 Months Cut Prince Harry GOSSIP
10 Months Added Lamar Odom REALI..
10 Months Cut Jay Z MUSIC..
11 MonthsThe Fall '13 schedule has been automatically generated.
11 MonthsAn owner has dropped out of the league.