7 Months Added Jay Z MUSIC..
7 Months Cut Abigail Breslin ACTOR
7 Months Added Demi Lovato ACTOR
7 Months Cut Scarlett Johansson ACTOR
8 Months Added Josh Brolin ACTOR
8 Months Cut Will Smith ACTOR
8 Months Added Kate Middleton GOSSIP
8 Months Cut Selena Gomez ACTOR
8 Months Added Amanda Bynes ACTOR
8 Months Cut John Mayer MUSIC..
8 Months Added Abigail Breslin ACTOR
8 Months Cut Prince Harry GOSSIP
8 Months Added Lamar Odom REALI..
8 Months Cut Jay Z MUSIC..
9 MonthsThe Fall '13 schedule has been automatically generated.
9 MonthsAn owner has dropped out of the league.